ManageEngine ADManager Plus 7.0.0 Build 7050 Professional

ManageEngine ADManager Plus 7.0

ADManager Plus is an Active Directory management and reporting software that helps IT managers and technicians easily manage Active Directory (AD) objects with one-click reporting. . The software, developed by ManageEngine, can create and manage AD user accounts in batches using CSV files and custom templates.

With ADManager Plus you can reset passwords and configure user settings. The program allows you to set user access permissions and edit their access level in a batch and fast. Creating security groups, adding or removing members, building users and groups in Office 365, managing licenses, creating Exchange mailboxes, setting memory limits, and adding proxy addresses are other features of this software

Download ManageEngine ADManager Plus 7.0.0 Build 7050 Professional

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Download ManageEngine ADManager Plus 7.0.0 Build 7050 Professional



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Cài đặt ManageEngine ADManager Plus 7.0

xem file readme đính kèm


go to “License” -> “Enter License File” and chooce “lic.xml”

click on Upgrade.


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