Download Analyze-it 5.66 Ultimate full license


Analyse-it is developed for and is in use at thousands of ISO/IEC 17025 accredited testing and calibration laboratories, ISO 15189 accredited medical laboratories, CLIA ’88 regulated medical laboratories, and IVD manufacturers for development, support, product labeling and FDA 510(k) submissions.

Analyze-it Ultimate Combining all the Analyse-it statistical analysis, method validation, and statistical process control tools in a single package.

key features

Descriptive statistics, Histogram, Box-plot, Dot plot, Normality tests, 1-sample tests and more.

Compare groups / pairs
t-test, ANOVA with multiple comparisons, Mann-Whitney, Kruskal-Wallis, Bartlett / Levene / Brown-Forsythe tests for homogeneity of variance, and more.

Contingency tables
Chi-square, Odds ratio, Mosaic plot, McNemar, Fisher exact, and more.

Fit model
Multiple linear & logistic regression, ANOVA, ANCOVA, GLM, leverage & influence plots, Cook’s D, predict Y from X, main effect & interaction plots, and more.

Pearson / Spearman / Kendall correlation, Scatter matrix, Principal Components Analysis (PCA), Gabriel & Gower-Hand bi-plots, Factor analysis (FA), Cronbach’s item reliability, and more.

Process Control
Shewhart variable control charts (Xbar-R, Xbar-S, XBar, R, S, I-MR, I , I), UWMA / EWMA / CUSUM control charts, Shewhart attribute charts (p, np, c, u), WECO / Nelson / Montgomery & custom rulesets, and more.

Process Capability
Capability indices (Cp, Cpl, Cpu, Cpk, Cpm), Performance indices (Pp, Ppl, Ppu, Ppk), nonconforming units, sigma metrics, histogram, transformations and more.

Pareto analysis
Pareto charts, with up to 2-way stratification, combine / reorder / color bars, and more.

Method comparison
Bland-Altman agreement, OLS / Deming / Weighted Deming / Passing-Bablok regression, support for replicates and more.

Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
Trueness (Bias), Linearity, Precision, Precision profile, Detection capability (Limit of Blank / Limit of Detection), and more.

Reference interval
Reference intervals, non-parametric quantile and robust methods, partition by factor, transformations including Box-Cox and Manly explonential & 2-stage exponential/modulus, and more.

Diagnostic performance
ROC curve plot, multiple ROC curve plots, Sensitivity/Specificity, Likelihood ratios, Predictive values, AUC, Compare AUC, Decision plot & threshold determination, and more.

Download Analyze-it 5.66 Ultimate full license

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Download Analyze-it 5.66 Ultimate full license


pass unrar: 2020

install Analyze-it 5.66

view the readme file

Download Analyze-it 5.40 Ultimate full license

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