Download BETA CAE Systems 20.1.0 / 19.1.6

BETA CAE Systems

BETA CAE Systems – Provider of pioneering CAE software systems, services and processes

BETA CAE Systems is a privately held software engineering company committed to developing CAE software systems. The products of this company are ANSA / µETA. ANSA: CAE is an advanced multidisciplinary tool that provides all the capabilities needed to build models from ready-made CAD data in an integrated environment. ANSA is a priority software for users due to the wide range of features and tools required.

META: A versatile processor that meets the convergent needs of different CAE disciplines and owes its success to its impressive performance, innovative features, and the ability to interact with animations, maps, movies, reports, and more. Using the unique capabilities of μΕTA automation, very complex tasks can be done in interactive or batch mode.

Features and specifications of BETA CAE Systems software:

  • Evaluation of efficient data for complex model constructs
  • Fast and high quality modeling of complex geometries
  • Interoperability between models made to solve different
  • Fully automated processes and model setup tools in one environment
  • Reduce user-dependent error operations
  • Build a complete model for multiple solvents in one environment
  • Unique ability to build a common model as a basis for modeling different disciplines
  • Significantly reduce modeling time and increase quality
  • Short learning curve and spread time
  • Single tool for two-dimensional and three-dimensional post-processing, for all disciplines
  • High level of automation for all stages, until the production of reports
  • High performance reading results and screen graphics
  • Cooperation with ANSA
  • Direct connection with the optimizer

Download BETA CAE Systems 20.1.0 / 19.1.6

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Download BETA CAE Systems 20.1.0 x64


Download BETA CAE Systems 19.1.6 x64


Password Extact file: 2020

install BETA CAE Systems 20

see the readme file

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