Download Content Grabber Premium 2.72.3 x64 free

Content Grabber

Content Grabber is a cloud-based web scraping tool that helps businesses all sizes with data extraction. The platform enables users to manage data extraction workflow through the visual click and point editor. Content Grabber can extract content from any multi-structured source and save it in any format from CSV, Excel or XML.

Primary features of Content Grabber include agent logging, notifications, a customizable user interface, scripting capabilities, scripting, agent debugger, error handling and data export. Additionally, the solution provides enterprise management tools for proxies, scheduling, script libraries and notifications.

Content Grabber’s integrated version control functionality and agent repository lets users deploy agents across various instances.

Content Grabber can be integrated with third-party data analytics, data transformation or reporting applications. Pricing of the solution is based on one time payment and support is provided through email, phone and documentation.

Download Content Grabber Premium 2.72.3 x64 free

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Download Content Grabber Premium 2.72.3 x64 free


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