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Cyme 9.0

The CYME 9 Series is a new generation of our software supporting utilities in the modernization of their longterm grid planning framework.Built on core components such as time-series analysis, distributed energy resources (DER) optimization, non-wires alternatives (NWA) and project portfolio evaluation, CYME 9.0 paves the way to the integration of the capacity planning process with the distributed resources planning process. All this through a powerful and versatile user interface connecting simplicity with efficiency.

Key new features include:

• A unique Load Relief DER Optimization module optimizing energy storage systems as well as dispatchable inverterbased generators to mitigate capacity problems on strategic grid assets.
• A new Microgrid Modeling and Analysis modules enabling unprecedented simulations of islanded – but also gridconnected – microgrids.
• A revamped Techno-Economic Analysis allowing an easy, intuitive, yet exhaustive financial assessment of concurrent grid projects.
• An expanded integration of the Load Flow with Profiles analysis with the Advanced Project Manager to enable true long-term, time-series capacity analysis.
• Continuous improvement of core components such as Load Flow Analysis, DER Impact Evaluation, Integration Capacity Analysis, Arc Flash Hazards Analysis, Harmonic Analysis, Scripting Tool with Python®.
• Several improvements to the software framework, user interface and one-line diagram navigation.

Download Cyme 9.0 rev 04 crack

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Download Cyme 9.0 rev 04 crack


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