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midas MeshFree is a cutting-edge design and analysis technology developed through the collaboration with SAMSUNG Electronics. It performs simulation of the original model you have designed without any modification. Conventional FEM required tedious and time consuming model idealization and cleanup process. However, MeshFree has the latest, efficient and effective numerical analysis algorithm that can simulate using the original 3D CAD model itself.

midas MeshFree performs analysis based on Implicit Boundary Method. General meshless method calculates deformation at the position of nodes only. Accuracy of the analysis result depends on the density of nodes. Also additional calculation of stress is required after creating internal elements. Therefore it requires large amount of memory and calculation time.

However midas MeshFree solves a problem with the identical method as FEA using 20 nodes-Hexa element structural grid. In addition it calculates results in boundary surfaces with the special integralformula. Therefore it is possible to analyze a problem faster with low usage of memory comparing to the general meshless method.

It is possible to start the simulation immediately after installation. 3-step intuitive workflow makes it easy for anyone to use. It will minimize the learning time and enable you to verify the working design model in a short time. Now, design engineers can quickly verify the performance of a model at the design stage. It provides a revolutionary process over existing methods that required knowledge, manpower, and cost.

Download midas MeshFree 2020 R2

download midas MeshFree 2020, install midas MeshFree 2020

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Download midas MeshFree 2020 R2

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Install midas MeshFree 2020 R2

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