Download Oasys AdSec 8.4 x64 full

Oasys AdSec

AdSec — Load Analysis Software. Analysis of concrete, steel and FRP sections under load. Ideal for single pile section analysis.

AdSec demonstrates how sections respond to combined axial load and bending moments. It can analyse concrete, steel and fibre-reinforced polymer (FRP) sections and compound sections.

AdSec is ideal for tasks such as analysing a bridge beam for cracking under load, designing a composite mega column, checking a pre-stressed floor or finding the capacity of a pile. AdSec is also valuable in refurbishment projects, enabling engineers to calculate the capacity of existing beams and columns, and showing how much improvement can be achieved from FRP reinforcement or adding extra concrete to the section.

Key Features & Benefits

  1. Calculates capacities and crack widths for reinforced concrete sections
  2. Analyse using Eurocodes and many other International design standards
  3. Use locked-in stresses and staged analysis for compound sections

Download Oasys AdSec 8.4 x64 full

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Download Oasys AdSec 8.4 x64 full

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install Oasys AdSec 8.4

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Oasys AdSec 8.4
Oasys AdSec 8.4

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