Download QuantAnalyzer PRO v4.9.0


QuantAnalyzer allows to analyze easily results of your real accounts or backtests and find space for improvement. Look at following examples.

Detailed report

It shows a clearly arranged overview with a lot of statistics such as profit for each hour or day. This allows you to locate weak points.

How to increase your profit?

With the help of money management simulator you can find out what profit your strategy can have with different kinds of money management.

Do you trade multiple strategies?

You can analyze each of them separately to find out what it would do when e.g. traded only on some specific days and then look at the complete portfolio to see how you improved the results of it.

Are you choosing from a big amount of strategies?

The Portfolio master tool helps you find the best portfolio so that you reach the best results possible in your trading.

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Download QuantAnalyzer PRO v4.9.0

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