EFICAD SWOOD 2020 SP3.1 full free


SWOOD boosts SOLIDWORKS woodworking projects from design to production

Swood is a plugin designed by EFICAD for SolidWorks software. This plugin allows users to create three-dimensional models of wood such as cabinets, tables, chairs, drawers, drawers, etc. To work with this plugin, after creating the project, select the desired frame from the library of this plugin and drag it to the project environment.

Using SWOODBox, you can have assembled boxes together, create different drawers and shelves. The connection between the various components is also done intelligently and simply. At each stage of the project, it is possible to change different parameters and you can change different parts of the project at your discretion.

With SolidWorks and SWood software, you actually have a strong 3D CAD system for the wood industry.

required system

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7even / 8 / 8.1 / 10
System Requirements: SolidWorks 2010-201

Download EFICAD SWOOD 2020

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Tài trợ


EFICAD SWOOD 2020 SP3.1 for SolidWorks 2010 – 2020


pass unrar: 2020

install EFICAD SWOOD 2020

see the readme file

Xem file readme đính kèm

1. Install SWOOD 2020 SP0.0 Win64. Do not install Flexnet License Server!

2. copy all files in crack/SWOOD2020 to installation DIR

(by default: C:\Program Files\EFICAD\SWOOD2020 )

3. Copy “deficad_SSQ.dat” to computer

4. Create environment variable DEFICAD_LICENSE_FILE pointing to deficad_SSQ.dat

5. REBOOT computer!

6. Copy folder “SWOODData” from archive “SWOODData2019.7z” to computer
Run SolidWorks > SWOOD Design > Settings and configure “SWOODData” folder
as “Data Directory”

7. Enjoy

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