Download midas Gen 2020 v2.3

midas Gen 2020

Midas Gen is an integrated solution from MIDAS Information Technology for the design and analysis of public buildings and structures. With intuitive user interfaces and powerful solutions, relying on the graphical power of modern computer systems, the program allows engineers to quickly design and analyze their own complex and complex structures. Gen midas offers accurate and realistic results using a variety of finite element analysis functions as well as modern theories of structural analysis.

These capabilities will increase the unprecedented ease, versatility and efficiency of structural design. This software is one of the most powerful applications in the field of civil engineering design and with the capabilities it provides, its use will increase the speed and quality of the final outpu

Download midas Gen 2020 v2.3

midas Gen 2020 v2.3 – 99 euro

midas Gen 2020 v2.1 – 60 euro

midas Gen 2020 v1.1 – 40 euro


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midas Gen 2020 v1.1

Download midas Gen 2020 v1.1 full license
Download midas Gen 2020 v1.1 full license

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