Rocscience Dips 7.016 / Phase2 v8.0 / Settle3D 2.016 / Slide 6.020 / Unwedge 3.009

Rocscience software

Rocscience Dips is our popular stereographic projection program for the analysis and presentation of orientation based data. Determine joint sets, perform kinematic analysis of slope stability, and more in this multi-purpose tool. Dips works well with a suite of rock tools, including SWedge and UnWedge.

Slide2 is a powerful, user-friendly, 2D slope stability analysis program using limit equilibrium method. Slide2 can be used for all types of soil and rock slopes, embankments, earth dams, and retaining walls. Slide2 includes built-in finite element groundwater seepage analysis, probabilistic analysis, multi-scenario modeling, and support design.

Slide3 is a 3D slope stability analysis software  based on our best-selling Slide2 software. With Slide3 most of the analysis features found in Slide2 are now available in full 3D, including complex geology, anisotropic materials, loading and support.

Settle3 The world’s leading software for three-dimensional soil settlement analysis. Used by top geotechnical engineers for civil projects around the world, Settle3 is a simple yet sophisticated program that helps you analyze vertical consolidation and settlement under foundations, embankments, and surface loads

Unwedge A key tool for geotechnical engineers that work with tunnels, underground excavations, and caverns, UnWedge is used to determine the stability of rock wedges formed by the intersection of structural discontinuities. UnWedge calculates factor of safety and can determine support requirements for projects.

Rocscience Dips 7.016 / Phase2 v8.0 / Settle3D 2.016 / Slide 6.020 / Unwedge 3.009

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Rocscience Dips 7.016 / Phase2 v8.0 / Settle3D 2.016 / Slide 6.020 / Unwedge 3.009


pass unrar:

install Rocscience software

view the readme file

New version: Send request via email: [email protected]

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