SmartPLS Professional 3.2.9

SmartPLS Professional

SmartPLS 3 is a milestone in latent variable modeling. It combines state of the art methods (e.g., PLS-POS, IPMA, complex bootstrapping routines) with an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface.

Hiện tại đã có phiên bản SmartPLS Professional 3.2.9 mới nhất dành cho windows và macos, các bạn có nhu cầu có thể download tại đây

SmartPLS is the workhorse for all PLS-SEM analyses – for beginners as well as experts

Here is our (constantly growing) list of all available calculation methods. Relevant innovative algorithms will also be made available in SmartPLS within a short time. We promise.

  • Partial least squares (PLS) path modeling
  • Ordinary least squares (OLS) regression based on sumscores
  • Consistent PLS (PLSc)
  • Weighted PLS (WPLS), weighted OLS (WOLS) and weighted consistent PLS (WPLSc)
  • Bootstrapping and the use of advanced bootstrapping options
  • Blindfolding
  • Importance-performance map analysis (IPMA)
  • PLS multi-group analysis (MGA) Analyses the difference and significance of group-specific PLS path model estimations
  • Higher-order Models
  • Mediation Estimation of indirect effects and their bootstrap-based significance testing
  • Moderation Estimation of interaction effects and their bootstrap-based significance testing
  • Nonlinear relationships Estimation of quadratic effects and their bootstrap-based significance testing
  • Confirmatory tetrad analysis (CTA) A statistical technique which allows for empirical testing the measurement model setup
  • Finite mixture (FIMIX) segmentation A latent class approach which allows identifying and treating unobserved heterogeneity in path models
  • Prediction-oriented segmentation (POS) An approach to identify groups of data
  • PLS Predict A technique to determine the predictive quality of the PLS path model
  • Prediction-oriented model selection

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SmartPLS Professional 3.2.9 crack

Download SmartPLS Professional 3.2.9 for windows macos
Download SmartPLS Professional 3.2.9 crack

SmartPLS Professional 3.2.9

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